Cabinet Highways Committee – 8th September

The following decision(s) were taken on 8 September 2011 by the
Cabinet Highways Committee


Decision Taken

RESOLVED: That the Committee:-

(a) approves a strategy to be developed for City-wide 20mph speed
limits, starting with areas surrounding schools and following with
other suitable residential areas;

(b) requests that the strategy development involves meaningful
discussions with local communities and interest groups; and

(c) requests that the feasibility of delivering City-wide 20mph speed
limits in coordination with the ‘Streets Ahead’ Highways Maintenance
Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract be investigated.


Reasons For The Decision

1.3.1  Average reductions in driver speeds have the potential for
delivering significant benefits across the road safety,
transportation, environmental and health agendas.

1.3.2. The potential benefits of 20mph speed limits in residential
areas include a reduction in road traffic collisions and casualties.
There were also quality of life and community benefits, and
encouragement of healthier and more sustainable transport modes such
as walking and cycling.

1.3.3   The forthcoming ‘Streets Ahead’ Highways Maintenance Private
Finance Initiative (PFI) contract may provide an opportunity for 20mph
speed limits to be delivered across the City in a cost effective way.

1.4   Alternatives Considered and Rejected

1.4.1   To continue with the current policy of 20mph speed limits
being introduced in partnership with the Community Assemblies funded
from their own Highway budgets. However, this funding was limited and
there was not a consistent approach across the City. The views of the
Community Assemblies will be important in developing the 20mph
strategy and ultimately in gaining community support delivering the

1.4.2   That speed limits across the City remain the same. However,
this would lead to the same level of road accidents and vehicle

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